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Massive Gamer

MMOG mag's October issue on sale.

(St. Louis, MO) October 17, 2008 - Massive Gamer, a new monthly publication dedicated to in-depth coverage and exclusive information on massively multiplayer online games, features detailed guides, exclusive interviews, and candid discussions with gaming industry insiders in this month’s magazine.

Game guides for Sony Online Entertainment’s EverQuest II, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning from EA and Mythic, and the latest information on EA’s Ultima Online, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, SOE’s DC Universe Online and Vanguard can be found within the pages of October’s issue of Massive Gamer.

Articles include:

Da Utter N00b's Guide to WAR Sample available online: http://www.massivegamer.com/samples/mg_october_01.php World of Warcraft: Road to the Lich King Sample available online: http://www.massivegamer.com/samples/wow_october_01.php The Guild: A Celebration of Online Life Interview with Felicia Day Industry Insider: Community Community Management with SOE’s Craig Dalrymple

In addition to dozens of features, Massive Gamer Issue #3 reports on viral videos, how to gain social standing within a guild, dating tips for online gamers and much more!

To find out more information and samples of the magazine’s articles, visit www.massivegamer.com. Massive Gamer Issue #3 is available at newsstands for the cover price of $6.99 and online for subscription at the low rate of $24.99 / year at https://www.massivegamer.com/subscriptions.

About Massive Gamer, Inc.

Massive Gamer Inc., is the St. Louis area-based publisher of Massive Gamer magazine, founded by Jodie McIntyre, owner of the respected editorial website MPOGD.com, which covers multiplayer online games.

Massive Gamer magazine embodies the ideals of editorial integrity while covering the broad spectrum of massively multiplayer online entertainment on the PC platform. The Massive Gamer magazine staff is diverse, like the industry itself, including talented writers, experienced business veterans, and hardcore gamers.

Massive Gamer marketing assets are available upon request by e-mailing media@massivegamer.com.


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