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Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance 30 new screenshots

October 22,2004 - New Orleans,LA - reveals 30 new screenshots of its upcoming strategy game Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance set for release in Q1 2005:

The screens demonstrate two new planets: "Thunder" Station, which is an orbital battle platform built around an asteroid, and "Inferno" - the realm of fire, lava and volcanoes. Both planets present unique terrain configuration, which will lead to new warfare styles.

This screen pack includes the first images of the innovative 'Assault' mode. A player is supposed to recruit the assault teams, which will be descended from the drop-ships into designated zones on the enemy territory and storm a bunch of well-protected strongholds. This mode will provide 'acting behind the front line' and 'sabotage' gameplay spirit. The assault forces are relatively small (except for 'Easy' difficulty level), and a player will have to develop cunning strategies to score the victory. The screens also showcase further development of 'Career' mode with strong role-playing feel.

Phantom Renaissance features include:

  • 10 planets for World Wars including massive-sized deathmatch maps
  • 2 Campaigns
  • 20 single-player scenarios with new mission types and twists
  • Innovative "Assault" and "Career" game modes
  • "RTS-style" online play mode
  • New A.I. - with various computer opponent "profiles"
  • 10 new units, unique for each side, leading to different strategies
  • Enhanced 3D engine: remade unit, terrain and effect visualization technology
  • 40 minutes of original battle music
  • Massive Assault Network compatibility
  • New CNN-style "fancy camera" viewing mode
  • LAN play

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