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Mascot Park

New Facebook-based offering from theme park operator Six Flags.

New York, NY - June 28, 2010 - Six Flags Entertainment, (NYSE:SIX) the world’s largest regional theme park company, today announced the launch of its newest adventure, Mascot Park for Facebook. Mascot Park delivers fun for gamers of all ages who are looking for more social interaction, creativity and zany antics in their daily playtime. Fun seekers can start their own Mascot Park mayhem by going to facebook.com/mascotpark.

As the game begins, players enter the Mascot Park world as a customizable mascot with a single goal, to become the star of the show. Players put on performances to entertain friends. Better shows gain more fans and coins, thus giving players the ability to buy new costumes, unlock new mascots and add stage props and sets. Participants can invite their friends to join the show and add their own personal flavor by dropping a cartoon-style TNT box that splats a friend's mascot or by choosing the classic pie-in-the-face maneuver. In Mascot Park, social collaboration exists on every level.

"We designed this game to be inherently more social than other Facebook games because you actually interact with your friends’ shows and mascots," said John Welch, CEO of Making Fun. "If you’re so inclined, throw an ax at your friend’s mascot while they are putting on a show or dazzle them with pyrotechnics. Players can decide the level of interaction."

To create a game that delivered Six Flags' signature brand of social fun, Six Flags sought the creative expertise of Noah Kerner, CEO of noise and Making Fun's John Welch. Kerner, new media whiz and author of Chasing Cool, was behind Facebook's first app and some of its largest platforms. Welch, as CEO and founder of casual video game pioneer PlayFirst, introduced millions of gaming fans to the addictive table serving madness of Diner Dash.

For anyone looking to watch, create or disrupt a show, Six Flags Mascot Park spins together a fun-for-all Facebook experience with unique twists like hip-hop dancing rhinos and exploding bunny guns – both a first for any social networking game. For more information about Six Flags Mascot Park, fans can go to facebook.com/mascotpark.

About Six Flags Six Flags Entertainment is a publicly-traded corporation headquartered in New York City and is the world's largest regional theme park company with 19 parks across the United States, Mexico and Canada.

About noise noise (noisenewyork.com) is a business invention agency that creates and markets new businesses, brands, and platforms for the young adult market. With offices in NYC, SF and Buenos Aires, the company serves clients such as vitaminwater, Panasonic, Thompson Hotels, Intel, and Six Flags. noise has been featured twice on 60 Minutes as the place “to go to if you want to influence the choices of that fickle, unpredictable 20-something demographic.”

About Making Fun Making Fun, Inc. (makingfun.com) is a global developer, technology provider and live service operator specializing in games and applications for the social web, smartphones and tablets.


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