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Mary In the Woods

Adventure for youngsters set in the Magic Forest.

Once upon a time a little girl, Mary, goes strolling to the Magic Forest. All the creatures, inhabiting it, talk human language and live as a big friendly family, taking care and helping each other in every way. As Mary goes to the Magic Forest for the first time, she doesn’t know how to behave there. While in joyful and careless hopping and playing, she unintentionally damages some of the characters’ households. Now it’s up to her to fix everything up and make friends with the worried animals. To help them out, Mary needs some useful things which she can get by playing mini-games.

Finally, Mary solves her new friends’ problems and restores peace and love in the forest, thus becoming kids’ absolute idol.


• Fascinating scenario written especially for the youngsters

• Classical fairy tale characters, funny scenes

• Original soundtrack with catchy melodies

• Stunning graphics

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