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Marvel Pinball

Iron Man table table info.


By now you are chomping at the bit to get your hands on Marvel Pinball, releasing this December on Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PlayStation®Network. Well, we’re here to fuel the fire and give you more info on one of the most amazing experiences in the history of pinball!

It’s no secret that most people write pinball off as a simple game to play – and develop. However simple the gameplay might feel, we can assure you the development process is no cake walk. For example, the development docs for each Marvel Pinball table are in excess of 15 pages Building complex tables can make it difficult for both novice and experienced pinball players to uncover all the hidden secrets in a table, so we are taking some time today to explain the intricacies of the game – and we’ve brought in some muscle to help us do it…

The goal in any pinball game is to get the highest score possible. To do this, you need to start various modes of play that will allow you to get those high scores – yes, people, it’s more than hitting bumpers! You can initiate Iron Man modes and boss battles by hitting targets and ramps repeatedly while a single ball is in play. For example, to “suit up,” hit the three blue targets in front of Tony Stark, and then shoot the ball into his area one more time to finish the job. BAM! Action time. Tony Stark will suit up, and one of six boss battles against Whiplash or Mandarin will begin. For now let’s assume we have started the Mandarin Impact Beam battle.


This battle pits Iron Man’s repulsor ray against Mandarin’s impact beam. The goal is to push the beam back toward Mandarin by hitting ramps and orbits, and you have a limited amount of time to get the job done. If time runs out…well, you’re out of luck and the process must be completed again. But if you succeed, Iron Man’s beam hits Mandarin, causing an explosion that knocks the villain out – mission complete. When you manage to defeat both Whiplash and Mandarin, Ultimo rises from the center of the table and unleashes serious fury. We don’t want any spoilers here –  you’ll have to find out for yourself how to defeat him.

There are plenty of other things to do on the Iron Man table, and the same goes for every table that Zen Studios creates. We suggest that you check out the Rule Sheet in the options menu for more explanations and tips on all the hidden modes and unlockables for every table.

Well, that wraps up a very short lesson on some pretty in-depth gameplay. We know you will have a blast (literally) uncovering all the hidden bits from each character’s story as you play through each table. Stay tuned for more info on Marvel Pinball, and head over to www.marvelpinball.com to VOTE for the next character table to be released.



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