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5th October 2005 - Mario Kart fans rejoice as the hugely popular racing game comes to the Nintendo DS on 25th November 2005. Mario Kart DS will drive players new and old to distraction as they race their way around a selection of tracks, including all-new extravaganzas and time-honoured classics from previous versions of the games. What's more Mario Kart DS will be the first Nintendo DS title to offer gamers online play allowing you to race anyone, anywhere, anytime for free.

Want to show off your skills? Then get excited as Mario Kart DS features both online and wireless multiplayer modes. By using the Wireless DS Single-Card Download Play feature, up to 8 players can link up with just one game card. Alternatively you can battle it out online with three other players either in the comfort of your own home using your existing Wi-Fi broadband; or in the High Street either at Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Access Points in store or at Nintendo Wi-Fi connection enabled public Wi-Fi hotspots. Never before has it been so easy to pick up a games console and challenge friends from all over the world for free!

Nintendo's unique new Friend Roster enables players to play online with their friends, all you need to do is set up a Friend Code by swapping a number with your friend, they will then be added to your Friend Roster and you can select to play with them online anytime, anywhere. Alternatively you can play with someone of a similar skill level. This is done seamlessly via Nintendo's servers through the use of a skill mapping system to ensure the environment is open to users of all ages and skill levels.

The Nintendo DS's double screens are put to perfect use in Mario Kart DS, moving certain features, such as the map onto the bottom screen, clearing the top solely for the fast paced action. Mario Kart DS also allows players to see what weapons their opponents have, thanks to a small symbol next to their faces on the lower screen. For the first time ever you will know what item to hang onto and what tricks your opponents have up their sleeves.

Following in the Mario Kart tradition, players must pick up items along the track such as power-ups which they can use to boost their own powers, mushrooms for a speed boost, a star to become invulnerable or shells, bombs and bananas to attack their opponents. Players can use these items to knock their opponents off the track and out of their way. These power ups can dramatically change the outcome of a race, so mastering these can give you the vital edge over your opponents.

Mario Kart DS provides excitement and challenges to keep players, both young and old, entertained and in the driving seat. This highly addictive, fun and fast paced racing game launches on the Nintendo DS in the UK on 25th November 2005, at the estimated retail price of around £30. Also launching on the same date is the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector which will enable players who have Broadband at home to join in the Wi-Fi fun. The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector will be priced at around £30.

Further details on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Access Points and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection public WiFi hotspots will be announced soon.

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Nintendo Co., Ltd of Kyoto, Japan, is the acknowledged worldwide leader in the creation of interactive entertainment. To date, Nintendo has sold more than 2 billion video games worldwide and more than 350 million hardware units globally, creating such industry icons as Mario® and Donkey Kong and launched franchises like The Legend of Zelda® and Pokémon. Nintendo manufactures and markets hardware and software for its popular home video game systems, including the Nintendo 64, NINTENDO GAMECUBE, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy - the world's best-selling video game system which has sold over 180 million units. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of Europe, based in Grossostheim, Germany, was established in 1990 and serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in Europe.

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