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Marathon gaming attempts

News site breaks eight world records.

Not only this but they have also managed to raise a total of £554.92, including Gift Aid, for the gaming charity GamesAid on their Just Giving page.

The records the StickTwiddlers team broke are:

• Longest time spent playing an FPS game. (Halo Reach)

• Longest time spent playing driving game. (NFS: Hot Pursuit)

• Longest time spent playing GTAIV.

• Longest time spent at highest wanted level on GTA IV

Michael added an additional 10 hours to the current world record for ‘longest time spent playing a driving game’ and Ben managed to add another 2 hours on top of the current GTA IV marathon record as well as doubling the longest time spent at highest wanted level. He even managed to top his own record towards the end of his marathon run and added an extra 10 minutes!

Captain Sega, whose Sonic hat went down a storm on the live feed, unfortunately had to drop out of the record attempt at about 22 hours in due to medical reasons but in true StickTwiddlers fashion, stuck around to help out and keep the boys motivated.

The four records broken by Twitch Gaming community members included:

• Longest time spent playing an RTS – Broken on Starcraft 2 and Dawn of War 2 by Jonny ‘Regneva’ Young and Conor ‘Goku’ Fox.

• Fastest completion time of Dawn of War 2 Co-op campaign (including Chaos Rising campaign) – Broken by Conor ‘Goku’ Fox and Chris ‘Soul’ Mallarkey.

• Fastest time to prestige on Black Ops – Done in 13hrs 42mins by Scott ‘Nadz’ Blair.

• Most consecutive Starcraft 2 live wins – Completed by David ‘GimbleB’ Barrett at 82 wins.

Whilst no-one managed to break any of the Kinect Sports records, Twitch Gaming’s very own Alan certainly gave it a damn good go and even managed to achieve 118 meters on the javelin throw, the current record being 132.31 meters. Although no Kinect records were broken, it was certainly enjoyed by all those that took part judging by the manic laughter and foot stomping throughout the days and nights, as you can see here.

We’d like to give a massive thank you to Twitch Gaming for hosting the event, Insert Coin Clothing for the sexy tees, Scott from The Daily Record, Sue from Edinburgh Evening News, Terrie and Graeme from Xbox for their constant support, SEGA and Rare for the giveaway goodies and support, Mr Alan ‘largecarrot’ Teader for being a beast and playing Mum for all of us and of course all of you who tweeted, watched, hung out and donated. We’re sincerely massively grateful that you all helped make this event such a success and allowed us to raise this much money for such a great charity.

You can see images of the event over on the Facebook and see footage of the event on JustinTV and YouTube as it’s edited and uploaded.

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GamesAid is a new UK video games industry based charity. It distributes funds to a diverse range of charities; it is a means of giving something back on behalf of the industry.

More details for GamesAid can be found here: http://www.gamesaid.org/  


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