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MapleStory Story – On the Quest for Adventure

In the sixth of a series of insider articles, Dean D. Cho, Development Manager of MapleStory Europe at NEXON, talks about MapleStory's Quests

Thursday 25th October/... You've got your sword prepped, your potions primed and your magic wand raised, but what now? In the land of MapleStory Europe it's time to strike out and enjoy the wealth of different quests that are available. No matter where you go in MapleStory Europe's huge game world, you'll always find someone in need of your help. Lend a hand where it's needed, and you can look forward to money, items and, above all, much needed experience points - not to mention endless excitement and adventure.

Quest for fun

There are dozens and dozens of different quests to undertake in MapleStory Europe, each of which pits players against a unique and entertaining challenge. Usually these involve hunting down particular monsters, often for the special items they carry, but other missions could just as easily involve a tricky bit of platform jumping or even a test of your MapleStory general knowledge. Some quests can be done just once, while others can be repeated over and over again for the treasures on offer. Every quest is different, as are the rewards, and half the fun is simply seeing which bizarre and engaging challenge is next.

All quests start the same way; by talking to the NPC (Non Player Character) who needs your help. You'll know when a quest is available by the large light bulb icon floating above the NPC's head. Alternatively, simply hit the 'Q' key to open up the game's Quest menu - here you'll find a constantly updating list of all the quests currently available and in progress, as well as a log of all the quests you've previously completed. Double-click the NPC in need and they'll give you a brief spot of background on what you need to do, as well as letting you know what's on offer as a reward. All you then have to do is click 'accept' and you're off. Quick and simple, just like everything else in MapleStory Europe.

Keep the party jumping!

Variety is the spice of life as far as MapleStory Europe's quests is concerned. Providing you've met the requirements for each particular quest - players may need a particular level of experience or fame, or to have completed certain other quests first - all manner of weird and wonderful challenges await. To help make sense of things, quests in MapleStory Europe can be broadly divided into four categories:

Regular Quests

These are the standard in-game tasks that are available to everybody. There are a lot of people living in Maple World who need your help, so you can expect to take on a lot of quests. Regular quests start simply enough, delivering a letter for Maria on Maple Island for instance, but soon get a lot more complicated, often requiring several steps, such as finding and talking to several different people or collect numerous rare drops from monsters.

Party Quests

As the name suggests, to start a Party Quest you'll need to be in a party of adventurers. The most popular Party Quest for lower level players can be found in Kerning City on Victoria Island and involves numerous stages of puzzle solving and monster fighting that must be completed in a strict time limit. Party Quests can be completed over and over and are a great way to earn experience and items. Look out for more Party Quests in MapleStory Europe soon!

Jump Quests

These quests swap swordplay for agility, requiring players to put their platform-jumping talents to the test across a series of increasingly challenging maps. You'll need skill, timing and lots of patience to beat these.

Event Quests

Event Quests are fun challenges that only take place during special events, such as MapleStory Europe's recent German Fest , La Tomatina party, and the ongoing Halloween event. Since they only last for a short time they're always worth taking part in, especially as the rewards are always really good! Make sure you talk to Charles, the Event NPC, to see what's on offer.

Join the adventure

As always in MapleStory Europe, everything is more fun if you're doing it with friends, completing quests included, so if you're finding a certain task particularly difficult, why not try tackling it with a party, or trading for the items you need with other players? Like everything else in MapleStory Europe, how you go about completing the quests is up to you - and don't forget, you can always set up the Quest Helper, an onscreen window that keeps tracks of all your quest requirements.

Over the coming months we'll be constantly adding new quests, new party challenges and new events to MapleStory Europe so you'll never be short of a challenge. Make sure to visit www.mapleeurope.com to keep up to date with all the forthcoming excitement or to sign up and start playing MapleStory Europe for yourself. There's a world of adventure out there!

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