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New video that shows how the Dual Blade 'adds another dimension' to battle.

Thrill seekers looking for a new way to storm through Maple World will soon be able to create their very own Dual Blade character in Nexon America’s MapleStory with the upcoming update. Dual Blade is a double weapon-wielding character that adds another dimension to battling monsters in MapleStory. Rather than toting a single weapon, this Thief carries two to deliver twice the damage to monsters.

Players can look forward to never before seen skills, quests and boss monsters. The newly released video showcases some of the new skills that Dual Blade characters will be practicing and mastering in the game, including Flying Assaulter. Other exciting skills that players will be able to use are Sudden Raid and Chains of Hell, among others.

To find out more about Dual Blade and learn more about the upcoming update, visit: http://maplestory.nexon.net or http://maplestory.nexon.net/DualBlade. Join fans and start a discussion at www.facebook.com/maplestory and www.twitter.com/maplestory.

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