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Maori Tribe Collaborate for Haka in Rugby League 2 for Xbox(tm) Videogame

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wellington, New Zealand - 12 July 2006 - Game developer Sidhe Interactive and Ng ® ti Kimihia H ® pu (sub-tribe) of Ng ® ti Toa Rangatira announced today that Sidhe's upcoming videogame title "Rugby League 2" for Xbox TM would feature the traditional M ® ori Haka known as Ka Mate. The Haka is a warrior challenge, traditionally performed at the meeting of Maori tribes as a means to both show respect and intimidate opponents. Ka Mate is a form of Haka, originally choreographed around 1820 by famous Maori chief Te Rauparaha of the Ng ® ti Toa Rangatira tribe. Still used ceremonially today, Ka Mate has also been adopted by New Zealand sports teams and is performed before international sporting events. "As New Zealanders, we were passionate about including Ka Mate in the title to enrich the gaming experience" said Mario Wynands, Managing Director of Sidhe Interactive, "However, we were also conscious that we needed to ensure the tradition was presented with integrity and in a respectful way." Sidhe Interactive consulted with the Ng ® ti Toa Rangatira at length to ensure both the accuracy of Ka Mate within the game and obtain tribal approval. Ignite Studios acted as advisor to the collaboration and produced the haka component - traditionally trained specialists were sourced to record the vocals and perform motion captured actions. In the game, Ka Mate is performed by computer animated representations of the New Zealand national rugby league team, the Kiwis, before international matches. Ng ® ti Toa Rangatira elders reviewed and approved the final result. "This is a unique opportunity for Ng ® ti Toa Rangatira to exercise 'mana' (authority) over their treasured haka Ka Mate in the modern multi-media digital world" said Ng ® ti Toa Rangatira spokesperson Oriwa Solomon. "It is hoped that this will be a template for future collaborative arrangements between Ng ® ti Kimihia and other parties wishing to use or currently using Ka Mate. Sidhe should be applauded for acknowledging Ng ® ti Kimihia and Ng ® ti Toa as the rightful owners of Ka Mate and that the ownership of cultural Intellectual Property resides with their indigenous communities of origin." Rugby League 2 for Xbox TM will be released in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe on 13 July 2006 under "Tru Blu Games", the publishing division of HES. The game is currently available for the PlayStation ® 2 and PC platforms which do not include Ka Mate, but were the number one selling videogames in Australasia at release in December 2005. More information, media and downloads for Rugby League 2 can be found at For more information about the haka Ka Mate please contact ********** Note to media: Permission is given for all media available at to be used in your publication or website. Higher resolution assets available on request. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jos Ruffell Business Development Executive Sidhe Interactive PO Box 6203 Marion Square Wellington New Zealand Ph: +64 4 4712638 Te Ariki Wi Neera Ng ® ti Kimihia PO Box 29 Paekakariki New Zealand David Robles Business Development Manager / Producer Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd Ph: +61 2 9533 3055 Fx: +61 2 9533 3277 NZ Distributor : Wilf Robinson General Manager Gamewizz Digital Entertainment Ph: +64 9 4770255 Fx: +64 9 4755000 European Distributor : Roger Hulley Alternative Software Cultural Advisor : Kingi Gilbert Ignite Studios Ltd +64 9 529 2839

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