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Manic Monkey Mayhem

Swinging onto WiiWare.

Hull, UK / Yorkshire based Independent development studio, The Code Monkeys have launched their pick-up-and-play party game, Manic Monkey Mayhem on WiiWare.

Imagine if the script writers of Dodgeball invited Mr Del Monte over for a few Brahma Beers and they stuck the Wii on. The result would be Manic Monkey Mayhem. It’s a vibrant looking, pick-up-and-play, evening of fun with more bananas than the produce section in Morrison’s. (Seriously, where do they get all the bananas from?)

The gameplay is very simple, yet engrossing; knock your opponent off their platform by throwing bananas. Of course you can enjoy Manic Monkey Mayhem in single player mode, but the fun comes alive in the local multiplayer and multiplayer over the Wi-Fi Channel. Manic Monkey Mayhem is also compatible with the Wii Balance Board, which adds another level of fun into dodging the incoming bananas (and a little bit of exercise too).

With a range of game modes to unlock, Manic Monkey Mayhem should definitely be enjoyed as one of the recommended 5-a-day. Become the Greatest Ape in a last monkey standing battle to the death; rack up the most points before the clocks ticks down in Minute Monkey, and enjoy some team-based monkey carnage with the insane Ape Team mode. Be careful not to eat too many bananas late at night - it will cause a rumble in the jungle.

You can read a full review of Manic Monkey Mayhem in the November issue of Thirteen1 –

Manic Monkey Mayhem is available to download via the WiiWare store for a very worthwhile 1,000 Wii Points. You can find out more at the official site -

Manic Monkey Mayhem will also be released on Sony PSP as a PSP Mini, Nintendo DSiWare and iPhone at a later date. So keep your eyes peeled on Thirteen1 for further news.

About The Code Monkeys:

Founded in 1988, The Code Monkeys Ltd are one of the oldest and most respected independent games developers in the world, offering a wealth of experience in the field of video games development. Our design team has direct experience of creating original IP’s as well as over 2 decades experience developing original content based on licensed IP’s.

Our client base includes some of the largest international names in the industry including, Fox, Sony, Nintendo, Nokia, Sega, Disney & Konami. With over a 180 successfully published games in our portfolio we cover every genre of computer and video games including Arcade, Handheld, Mobile and iPhone sectors.

In 2008 we released two Nintendo DS titles, a PSP title that reached number 4 in the PSP charts, holding it’s place for several weeks plus a mobile title for a high profile publisher to much acclaim. In production and due for release in 2009 we have a DS/Wii title, a Wii/iPhone title and a DS title. 2009 will also see The Code Monkeys test the self publishing waters with the release of two original IP’s across WiiWare/DSiWare, Sony PSP Mini and iPhone.

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