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Maniacs Of Noise deliver dedicated soundtrack for upcoming mobile 3D-racer by IN-FUSIO

London UK, August 30th 2005 - IN-FUSIO, the international publisher of mobile games and manager of player communities, today announced a cooperation with the music-group, "Maniacs Of Noise". The famous musicians, who have been delivering breathtaking tunes for videogames since the days of the mighty C-64, will compose five exclusive electronica-tracks that will appear in IN-FUSIO's upcoming 3D-racing-game, "Red Out Racer," that will be available this autumn.

"We are thrilled to have the guys from 'Maniacs Of Noise (MON)' on board for this project," says Markus Schuetze, Product Manager at IN-FUSIO. "MON have a notorious reputation for composing great sounding individual tunes that support a game perfectly. In combination with its awesome looking 3D-graphics, the five songs that "Maniacs Of Noise" will contribute to "Red Out Racer" will definitely lift the experience of mobile-gaming to a new level.

Although mobile phones are now feature-packed, it is still a challenge to implement great sounding tunes not only in menu-screens but within the actual game-play. With the aid of "Maniacs Of Noise," IN-FUSIO will provide gamers with exactly this feature: a pumping electronica-soundtrack that is a substantial part of the racing-experience and not just cosmetics."

"Maniacs Of Noise" member Thomas Egeskov Petersen (aka-Laxity) said: "Doing a soundtrack for a mobile phone game is an exciting experience. We've worked on a vast number of different platforms over the years, each and every one with its own restrictions. This has given us a head start in understanding how to produce good audio for mobile phones."

He continued, "The 'oldskool' tricks still have a use within the mobile technologies of today, as the capabilities of devices are still somewhat limited compared to modern gaming platforms. Nevertheless, a great creative and technical challenge - we like that! It's been a pleasure to work with IN-FUSIO in getting this project on the way. They've shown great confidence in us and given us the freedom to come up with what we do best - music with an edge!"

About "Red Out Racer"

"Red Out Racer" lets mobile gamers to take a seat in the cockpit of a futuristic racing-pod. Presented in real 3D on Java 3D and Mascot Capsule handsets "Red Out Racer" invites mobile gamers to take part in a futuristic racing-tournament and compete against the best pod-pilots of the world. On 16 different tracks that are located in 4 locations on a far away planet, players have to improve their flying-skills and learn how to use a huge number of power-ups in order to be the first to cross the finishing line. "Red Out Racer" will be available in autumn 2005.

About Maniacs Of Noise

Maniacs of Noise is a company devoted to composing music and designing sound effects for video games since 1987. The company has produced hundreds of sound tracks for video games and other products on a great variety of platforms - the track list is vast. The Maniacs of Noise are: Jeroen Tel, Thomas Mogensen and Thomas Egeskov Petersen, each having a strong and consistent flavor to their music making the company able to produce any kind of music. With 18 years of experience in the game industry the Maniacs of Noise have an unparalleled understanding of what it takes to make great game audio.


IN-FUSIO is a leading international mobile entertainment company, publishing top-tier games for mobile phones and delivering players' community management services.

Focusing on quality, innovation and community, IN-FUSIO applications are enjoyed by more than 15 million people worldwide, through 130 operators and portals across all handset platforms (Java, ExEn, BREW, Symbian, Windows MobileT and I-Mode). IN-FUSIO's portfolio of more than 70 games includes licensed properties such as Microsoft's Midtown Madness® 3 Mobile and Zoo Tycoon® 2 Mobile, Comedy Central's South Park®, Universal Studios' E.T.T, Canal Studio Image's The TerminatorT, Golden TeeT, RollerbladeT, as well as the award winning original titles Shado Fighter and the IF Racing series. The company successfully provides carriers, developers and brand owners the best opportunity to maximize the value of their offerings with the largest mobile distribution network.

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