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Manhunt and Max Payne 2 due in October

Take-Two has announced release dates for a number of its biggest titles this year, including the latest offspring of Rockstar North and the follow-up to Max Payne.

Take-Two surprised the life out of us yesterday by revealing that its two biggest releases this year, Manhunt (PS2) and Max Payne 2 (PC) will both be released in October, at a yet to be decided date (we're guessing the 31st).

As if that wasn't enough for you, the majestic Hidden & Dangerous II (PC) has been confirmed for the 24th October, while the Fist Alpha mission pack for Vietcong (PC) follows a week later.

Less excitingly, Celebrity Deathmatch spews forth on all formats on October 31st, as does Railroad Tycoon 3 (PC). Chrome (PC) is down for September 19th, Space Colony (PC) emerges a week later, while Age Of Wonders: Shadow Magic is scheduled for August 29th.

Mafia should make it out for November on PS2, while the Xbox version should be out early next year. There's no word on when Max Payne 2 on the PS2 and Xbox will be ready, but our money's on early next year.

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