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Man arrested for threats against Blizzard

California man faces up to five years in jail after repeatedly suggesting he might "pay a visit" with an AK-47

A California man has been arrested and charged for making threats to injure employees of Overwatch and Hearthstone developer Blizzard. The US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of California yesterday announced that a federal grand jury had returned an indictment against 28-year-old Stephen Cebula of Sacramento.

Cebula was arrested July 12 for online communications to Blizzard made earlier in the month wherein he said he "may or may not pay [Blizzard] a visit with an AK47 amongst some other 'fun' tools," and, "might be inclined to 'cause a disturbance' at [Blizzard's] headquarters in California with an AK47 and a few other 'opportunistic tools.'"

Cebula will be arraigned on July 26, and if convicted, faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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