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Taito's gastro-game Cooking Mama is scheduled for a winter release in Europe, from 505 Games.

London, October 24th - Publisher 505 Games today dons its chef's hat and jaunty pinny to proudly announce the European release of Cooking Mama, the innovative cooking simulation that fans have already been wildly salivating over since its hugely successful debut in Japan and America.

Releasing in December on Nintendo DS, Cooking Mama puts the player in the role of superstar chef in training. Under Mama's careful tuition and scrutiny, players will utilise the full functionality of Nintendo's handheld system in order to prepare and create over seventy distinct and delicious dishes. The menu includes simple snacks such as fried eggs, to full cordon bleu-style culinary masterpieces.

Dishes are created by using the DS stylus as your all-in-one multipurpose kitchen tool. With it, players can chop, slice, pan fry, knead, grate, mash, tenderise, mix, peel, carve, roll and much more besides. Once the dish is ready, the stylus can be used to add finishing touches to the presentation at table before the dish is greedily consumed by Mama's demanding customers. Blowing on the in-built DS microphone will cool a hot dish down and by combining existing recipes, players can create a vast menu fit for a banquet.

Cooking Mama's ingredients include a variety of gameplay modes, including over 200 mini-games and a practice mode where you decide what to cook, how long to cook it for and how to present it. But remember, Mama is always by your side to offer friendly advice and a kind word if you singe the sausages or bungle the bean dip. Playing in the main game enables players to earn bronze, silver and gold awards for their efforts based on the quality of their cooking and recipes can even be shared with up to four other people via DS Wi-Fi link up.

Cooking Mama is an original and fun title that boasts immediate 'pick up and play' action, to ensure that players of any age or skill level will be able to enjoy its wholesome wholemeal gameplay.

Cooking Mama, developed by Taito and published in Europe by 505 Games, releases on December 8th on Nintendo DS. A Nintendo Wii version, Cooking Mama: Cooking with International Friends, is planned for 2007.

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