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Make 10: A Journey Of Numbers

Numerical puzzler providing you with, among other things, a pixie guide called Num Diddly.

Prepare to count your way to success with Make 10: A journey of numbers as the countdown to its European launch begins. An exciting mathematics based game centred on the number ten, Make 10: A journey of numbers boasts over 30 exercises to test your maths skills. Set in the magical world of Make 10 Kingdom and helped by the kingdom’s pixie guides, this new mathematics title ‘wings’ its way onto the Nintendo DS across Europe on 26th September 2008.

Become immersed in number crunching fun as you enter the mystical world of Make 10 Kingdom after falling asleep whilst reading a picture book of numbers. Being awoken by the Make 10 pixie, your pixie guide, Num Diddly, takes you around the kingdom, providing tips which help you to understand and solve puzzles. At certain times he will also ask you to take part in additional Make 10 games which, when cleared, will allow you to advance even further.

By using the innovative Nintendo DS Touch Screen and stylus to travel through Make 10 Kingdom, players must navigate their way through the environment and its challenges, unblocking paths and moving scenery to advance. When flowers and grass are touched they turn into signs guiding the way, whilst touching scenery and backgrounds will reveal other Make 10 games to complete. During your journey you will come across creatures on the paths that represent particular number shapes and, by touching them in the right order, you can make ten and increase your Make 10 Power. Also make sure to take care of your pixie friends by feeding them with treats to keep them well, happy and able to give advice!

All number exercises within Make 10: A journey of numbers requires you to make the value of ten. Some will ask you to make ten through addition and subtraction, while others, for example, may ask you to hide numbers on the screen or join up numbers to make a sum of ten. All exercises require you to combine maths and logic to succeed in the thrilling challenges of speed and brain power!

There are several game modes in Make 10: A Journey of Numbers that allow you to explore Make 10 Kingdom fully and increase your Make 10 Power. In Make 10 Kingdom mode you can go in search of the famous nine Make 10 Masters, while in the Trial Mountains mode you will be challenged to test your skills to gain acceptance from the Make 10 Masters in order to go further up the mountain. The Make 10 Test mode sees you playing three of the Make 10 games randomly selected by the related game champion. Upon completion, the champions will analyse your Make 10 Power, a measurement of your ability based on memory, reasoning skills and speed of response, and feedback on your performance.

With over 30 mini-games to play, Make 10: A journey of numbers offers a host of numerical brain teasers to keep your brain buzzing! Add up the numbers written on the pixies heads to see if they make ten in Do We Make 10, while Eclipse Stones will see you given a set of numbers and rocks that must be used to cover the extra numbers in order for the remaining figures to make ten. In Walnut Game the pixies will present you with walnuts which each contain a number. It’s up to you to predict which walnut will have the right contents to make ten by touching each one and making a judgement based on the sound it makes. Ten-tastic fun!

Making 10 with friends has also never been easier! Send a Make 10 Test to your friends via the Nintendo DS Download Play function and challenge their own Make 10 ability!

With numerous games and exercises to choose from, making the number ten has never been so much fun! With magical pixies and mystical Masters to guide you on your way, embark on your own mathematical adventure when Make 10: A journey of numbers launches across Europe on the Nintendo DS on 26th September 2008.

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