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Majesty 2: Pocket Kingdom

DSiWare version of Paradox's RTS coming this autumn.

NEW YORK – June 17, 2010 – Paradox Interactive is proud to announce that the much-loved fantasy kingdom building series Majesty, is set to make its handheld debut on Nintendo DSiWare TM this year as Majesty 2: Pocket Kingdom. The game is set to release in autumn 2010.

Developed by KranX Productions, Majesty 2: Pocket Kingdom is a real-time strategy game loosely based on the PC version of Majesty 2 but featuring a completely original and brand new campaign. Set in the mythical realm of Ardania, you begin as the ruler of a solitary town which is under attack by creatures from a nearby forest. Your mission is to defeat them, rebuild the town, and gradually increase your influence over the land until you are ruler of the entire kingdom. Aiding you in your quest (or obstructing you, depending on your point of view), are your ‘loyal’ and somewhat obnoxious subordinates who have their own minds about how things should be done.


Real-Time Strategy with indirect control – your heroes have a will of their own! Place a high enough reward as incentive however, and they will go hunting monsters or discovering new lands at your command 12 mission campaign Cast magic spells using the Nintendo DS stylus Continues…

In addition to the new DSiWare TM release, Paradox announced several new members of the Majesty family: Majesty HD, Majesty iPad as well as PC only expansions Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania and Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom.

For more info on any of these releases, please contact Paradox Interactive

About Paradox Interactive

Since 1999, Paradox Interactive has been a leading global developer and publisher of PC-based strategy games. World-renowned for its strategy catalog, the company holds a particularly strong presence in the United States and Europe. Its steadily-growing portfolio includes originally developed titles such as the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis and the Hearts of Iron franchises, as well as publishing titles such as the Elven Legacy series, Mount&Blade and Majesty 2. Paradox stands poised to make an explosive entry onto consoles during 2010 with the release of Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West. For more information, please visit and follow @pdxinteractive on twitter.

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