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Majesco's BloodRayne set to bite PSP

US publisher Majesco has revealed that its popular action/horror series is back this autumn with the release of BloodRayne PSP.

There have already been two BloodRayne console titles, but this is the first time the half-human, half-vampire heroine will appear on a handheld.

"BloodRayne has built a loyal following of fans and established herself as one of interactive entertainment's most popular action heroines," said Majesco marketing VP Ken Gold.

"We're thrilled to see our franchise expand into the handheld arena and believe its fast-paced acrobatic combat will make BloodRayne PSP a must-have game for PSP owners."

The storyline will explore BloodRayne's history, and feature characters from the previous games as well as new arrivals. Gameplay is mainly combat-based and revolves around a "kill system" which rewards players for linking attacks and combos.

The game will also feature a two-player co-op mode which supports the PSP's wireless multiplayer technology.

BloodRayne PSP will go on show at E3 in May.

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