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Majesco delays Advent Rising to 2005

Publisher Majesco Games has announced that its forthcoming science fiction action title Advent Rising is being moved back to 2005 from its originally planned date of September, in order to move the game away from the crowded autumn/winter release schedules.

The Xbox and PC title, which features a story by renowned science fiction author Orson Scott Card ("Ender's Game"), has been developed by Glyphx Games and is being planned as the first instalment in a major franchise.

The company hopes that by delaying the title, not only will it move it into a less competitive market in early 2005 (away from the traditional Christmas bloodbath, which looks set to be even more hyper-competitive than usual this year), but revenue from the strong Majesco line-up for the rest of 2004 can be pumped into realising its plans for Advent Rising.

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