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Ray Maguire, managing director of SCE UK, has told that retailers have been quick to welcome the European PS3 launch announcement.

"We have had an incredibly positive response from our partners in UK retail," Maguire said.

"There has been some great feedback on pre-order take up and the palpable anticipation from consumers."

As announced at midnight last night, the PlayStation 3 is set to launch in Europe on March 23, priced at GBP 425 / EUR 599. Sony plans to ship 1 million units for launch day, when more than 30 software titles will go on sale alongside the console.

"With the strongest and biggest launch line up of any console in the history of our business and a unprecedented stock allocation for the launch period, we look forward to sitting down with our trade partners in order to finalise our plans for a very solid UK launch," Maguire concluded.

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