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Maguire: "Competing formats are on their way down"

Managing director of Sony UK says PlayStation 3 is hitting its stride as rivals pass their peak

Sony UKs managing director Ray Maguire has admitted that the company takes it time bringing products to market - but he argued that the PlayStation 3 is now hitting its stride as competing formats could be seen as past their peak.

"Yes, we might take a bit longer sometimes to bring a product to market, but when we do, we bring you the most powerful gaming platform ever to hit - and it will be something that will around for a very long time," said Maguire, speaking exclusively to

"It's nowhere near even halfway through its lifecycle, and I could argue that some other competing formats are on their way down right now," he added.

Maguire said it's difficult fulfilling expectations and demands of consumers who want results immediately, joking that, "what we haven't worked out how to do yet is have a child in less than nine months."

On the forthcoming release of online social networking service Home, Maguire said it's crucial the product is finished on day one, rather than released to the public and patched at a later date.

"We have to make sure that things are born at the right time, that the infrastructures are right and are tested, and that they actually work. It's one of the things that PlayStation has been known for - a plug-and-play mentality, rather than a patch-patch mentality."

"Getting it right is more important than getting it out quick, and I think it's very difficult to make that decision, to hold something up, but again I think it was the right decision to make sure that we were defining along the line where it is that we're trying to go to."

The full interview with Ray Maguire will be published on tomorrow.

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