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Magic Thousand-Character Classic Hanja Battle

Korean card battles based on a comic of the same name.

(2010/12/00, Seoul, Korea) – D-Gate Co., Ltd. has launched ‘ Magic Thousand-Character Classic Hanja Battle’, a Hanja battle game developed purely with domestic technology, at G-Star 2010, the largest game exhibition in Korea held at BEXCO, Busan from November 18 th to 21 st.

D-Gate provided an exclusive booth at the ‘G-Star 2010’ Amusement Game Hall and allowed the participants to directly experience the Magic Thousand-Character Classic Hanja Battle. ‘ Magic Thousand-Character Classic Hanja Battle’ is a functional game based on ‘ Magic Thousand-Character Classic’, a bestselling Korean Hanja educational comic with over 12 million copies sold.

The user directly applies the main character card (Magic Thousand-Character Pack), along with the character pack for summoning characters and Hanja pack for summoning Hanja magic, to naturally induce Hanja education. Users can win battles only by strategically comprising packs while considering for the character’s statistics, properties and Hanja properties.

Also, it is possible to compete against other users via network, providing fantastic experience and fun to the users participating in games. The Single Play mode is mounted for users without opponents or the will to compete.

On another hand, D-Gate Co., Ltd. has been awarded the Best Multiplayer Game Award in 2010 with its ‘ Live Action Ping Pong’, which was exhibited at ECTS, one of the Big-3 game shows. Also in 2003, the company received the Korean Game Grand Prize in 2003 for its ‘ Virtual Squash’, and developed a famous children’s game ‘ Dinosaur King’, the world’s second card-recognition game.


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