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Magic: The Gathering - Tactics

Gathering momentum with imminent release.

In a universe defined by the unending war between the five colors of mana, artifacts remain neutral, colorless-waiting to be controlled. Artifacts are the magical relics, clockwork artifacts and enchanted equipment that can be wielded by any Planeswalker, regardless of color. Unbeatable classics like the Icy Manipulator and Rod of Ruin join the Clockwork Beast and the gargantuan golem Colossus of Sardia as just some of the potent artifacts a Planeswalker can activate to turn the tide of battle. To download screenshots and assets of these spring-loaded, gear-driven, copper-skinned creatures please visit:

Join us today at 5:30pm PST, for a live developer chat with Magic: The Gathering - Tactics' Executive Producer Mark Tuttle and Lead Designer Rhea Shelley. They'll be taking your questions during the chat. You can find the chat at or on Facebook.

For more assets and info about the game, feel free to visit the official Magic: The Gathering - Tactics website and Facebook Page.  If you'd like VIP access to the game for a review following launch, or wish to put together future interviews or feature coverage, please let us know.


About Magic: The Gathering - Tactics

Magic: The Gathering - Tactics is an animated grid-based tactics title due out this winter for the PC. Magic: The Gathering - Tactics is a free-to-play game that introduces 3D gameplay where you create your own customized Planeswalker and jump into battle with all five colors of Magic for intense tactical battles featuring stunning 3D characters, spells and settings.

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