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Magic Match Casts Its Release

For Immediate Release

October 24th, 2005 - Codeminion Development (www.codeminion.com) is pleased to announce that Magic Match is now available. Guide Merlin the Wizard and his imp, Giggles, across the land in search of magic components. Sing songs, cast spells, and find rare treasures as you advance in magical rank during your travels.

A puzzle game with story mode, complete with songs! Magic Match is more than a standard match-three game; it is an adventure into a fantasy realm. Enjoy magic duels, bonus rounds, and learn spells. With over 120 levels, 22 power-ups, and an entire realm to explore, Magic Match will change the way you think about puzzles. Collect trophies, visit far away places, and unlock the secrets of The Lands of Arcane.

The story is spell binding, the creatures are cute, and all that glitters is truly gold. Magic Match proudly supports mouse party, allowing multiple users to duel and battle on the same PC using two or more mice. Visit www.magicmatch.codeminion.com for more information or to access the Magic Match risk-free demo!

About Codeminion Development

Codeminion Development Studios is a small independent game development company based in Warsaw, Poland. It was founded in 2004 by two determined Computer Science students, who just couldn't imagine doing anything else in their lives than making games.

We believe that even a small team consisting of two dedicated people can make good games with a lot of polish and a keen eye for details. Find out more at www.codeminion.com.

For Evaluation Copy Contact: Konrad Olesiewicz at info@codeminion.com

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For Additional Information Contact: Konrad Olesiewicz at info@codeminion.com

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