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Magic Destiny - Astrological Games

Our crystal ball reckons this will be out at the end of January.

You will learn many astrological techniques to predict the future and discover things about the personality of your friends and you.

Once we start the game we will find a comprehensive encyclopedia that will explain detailed and interesting concepts about astrology such as crystals uses, flowers, horoscopes, chakras, biorhythms and tarot.

The predictions have always played an important role in astrology and Magic Destiny treats them very carefully. Game features many divination techniques, such as numerology, tarot, palmistry and horoscopes. No doubt you have everything you need to know your future.

To spice it all, Destiny Magic offers fun games that make the whole experience more enjoyable. Up to 10 games like:  "Runeblock", "Stellar Memory”, “Diamonds Link” and more...

Its release date for North America is January 31, 2011.

Shanblue Interactive

Shanblue Interactive is a Spanish company which was set up in March 2006. It develops, produces and distributes video games. Fritz DS and Astrology are the first two games it marketed for Nintendo DS™. Its forthcoming launch is Magic Destiny, the first of the two games it is currently developing for Nintendo’s WiiWare™ service.

For further information:

Shanblue Interactive

+34 960711568

Nintendo trademarks used under license. WiiWare™ is available only through the Wii™  console.  

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