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New version of indie strategy game offered, along with a cheeky discount on the sequel.


A new version of the indie strategy game MAGI was released. The developers lowered the price to $15.95, and announced that every owner of MAGI will get a 50% discount for ArcMagi, its upcoming sequel., December 30, 2008 – Tom Grochowiak, independent game developer, released a new version of MAGI, a downloadable strategy/rpg in which the player takes a role of a dueling wizard. With the new release, the price of the game was lowered to $15.95.

The developer also announced that every owner of the full version of MAGI will get a 50% discount for ArcMagi, its upcoming sequel. „This promotion is my token of gratitude towards all the great folks who bought the game. Without them there would be no ArcMagi. All the money I raised through MAGI sales were used in the development of updates and now the sequel. Thanks, guys.” – explains Tom Grochowiak, the main developer of the game.

ArcMagi is a promisingly good looking cross between RPG, strategy and a fighting game. Much like the original MAGI in its premise of taking part in wizard duels, but with beautiful and detailed 2d art, live-recorded soundtrack by Rob Westwood and several gameplay improvements.

„It’s more of a rework than a sequel. We took all the money and feedback we've got from MAGI and used it to make something really great. It's going to be dynamic, strategically deep, playable in short bursts as well as long sessions, well presented and, hopefully, fun as hell” – Tom promises.

ArcMagi was announced on September 21, 2008 on the MAGI community forums. The exact release date is still unknown but the developers say they aim for summer 2009.

„We’re indies, we’re free to work on the game as long as we feel is necessary, and we’re going to use that to our advantage. We would like ArcMagi to be available on Q3 of 2009, but we’re more focused on making a great game. And if it will need a few more touches, we will take our time to add them”.


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