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Madden 2005 NDS Features

  • Wireless head-to-head gaming
  • Use the NDS touch screen to make life easier

o Playcall screen

o Kick meter

o Select audibles at the line of scrimmage

o Using Field Radar, see where all 22 players are on the field on one screen while seeing the key action on the other

  • The most realistic looking hand-held sports game ever

o Finest 3D graphics on handheld

o Actual NFL uniforms for all 32 NFL teams

o Stay on the field during playcalling

o Player portraits for each NFL player

  • Deepest handheld sports game ever

o Full season mode, with more individual statistics

o Detailed player attributes

o Fun game modes: Situation Mode, 2 Minute Drill

o Pre-game match-up breakdowns

  • Breakthrough gameplay innovation for handheld

o Utilize 5-wide receiver sets

o Let your QB scramble to buy more time or pick up yardage on the ground

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