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Mad Catz offers replacements for blocked PS3 pads

Claims all post-2008 peripherals work just fine following Sony crackdown

Peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz has sought to clarify reports that a number of its products were blocked as a result of the most recent Sony PlayStation 3 firmware update.

The firm is adamant that "all Mad Catz products will continue to function," with the exception of a few pre-2008 devices.

Some PlayStation 3 users last week reported previously functional periperhals and USB storage devices were no longer operable following the 3.50 update.

Sony had claimed that the new firmware would combat 'dangerous' counterfeit peripherals, while some onlookers conjectured it may be an attempt to create a whitelist of USB devices as part of a plan to defeat the PSJailbreak device.

Whatever Sony's motive, a number of legitimate devices appear to have been caught in the crossfire. In the case of Mad Catz, these are the 2008 Wireless PS3 GamePad, 2008 Wired PS3 GamePad and PS3 Wireless MicroCon.

In a statement, the firm claimed that "Various media outlets have reported on issues gamers are experiencing after downloading and installing the new 3.50 Firmware for their PlayStation 3.

"Mad Catz would like to take this opportunity to put gamers' minds at ease. With the exception of a small quantity of controllers sold before 2008, we believe that all Mad Catz products will continue to function as they did prior to the 3.50 Firmware update.

Any consumer who owns a Mad Catz product and is experiencing an issue, including an issue with the PlayStation 3 Firmware update should contact Mad Catz customer services. Providing the product is within warranty, Mad Catz will be happy to offer a suitable replacement."

Mad Catz standard US warranty is five years.

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