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Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. to exhibit at the 2010 AOPA Summit

Attendees to sample the Procedure Trainer Cockpit.

San Diego, November 11. 2010

Mad Catz® Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz” or “the Company”) (AMEX/TSX: MCZ), a leading third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider today announced plans to exhibit at the 2010 AOPA Summit, at Booth Number 1207, taking place at the LA Convention Center in Long Beach, California from November 11 th through to November 13 th 2010.

The AOPA Summit is an annual event for the Aircraft Owners & Pilot Association (AOPA) and is expected to be attended by over ten thousand participants, many of whom are certified pilots and aviation professionals.

At the summit, Mad Catz invites attendees to sample the Procedure Trainer Cockpit, a highly realistic cockpit simulator designed for the professional enthusiast or for those who wish to hone their piloting skills in the comfort of their own home.

Primarily targeting flight schools and the professional pilot training market, the Procedure Trainer Cockpit offers a complete flight training solution with a customizable cockpit layout which provides users with the ability to adapt to specific aircraft layouts.  Equipped with all essential instruments and tailored to improve proficiency and skill set from the first steps in a PPL license to advanced flight training procedures, the Procedure Trainer Cockpit houses no less than twenty-two individual precision Saitek™ Pro Flight components which operate in unison to deliver an accurate replica of a genuine aircraft cockpit.

Products included as part of the Procedure Trainer Cockpit are as follows:

Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System: Engineered to meet the exacting needs of the true flight simulation enthusiast, the Pro Flight Yoke System is built using a stainless steel shaft and utilizes ergonomic controls, integrated chronograph and separate throttle quadrant to ensure a smooth, accurate and highly realistic flying experience. To deliver a fully accurate replica of all aircraft flight systems, the Procedure Trainer Cockpit includes two individual Pro Flight Yoke Systems.

Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals: An accurate replica of the pedal system used aboard many aircrafts, the Pro Flight Rudder Pedals allows the user to control the rudder and toe brakes of their aircraft with ease.  Adjustable, smooth action allows for optimum control and realism.  To deliver a fully accurate control replica of all aircraft, the Procedure Trainer Cockpit includes two individual sets of Pro Flight Rudder Pedals.

Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel: Eliminating the need to display the main instrument panel on screen, the Pro Flight Instrument Panel utilizes a high resolution color LCD screen which displays real-time game content when used with Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ X.  Utilizing the on-board controls, users can instantly switch between altimeter, vertical speed indicator, altitude indicator, air speed, compass and turn & slip indicator.  Users can now download an additional five extra dials (HSI, VOR1, VOR2, ADF and engine gauges) via the Saitek website, which allows the Pro Flight Instrument Panel to be utilized as a true IFR training device.  To allow for the full range of aircraft gauges and dials to be displayed accurately, the Procedure Trainer Cockpit contains no less than ten Pro Flight Instrument Panels which can each be individually programmed to match user preferences.

Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel: The Pro Flight Switch Panel affords flight enthusiasts the opportunity to expand the number of controls available at their fingertips.  Switches can be programmed to control landing gear, engine power, landing lights and 11 other important aircraft functions from one compact unit.

Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel: Allowing users to tweak multiple in game settings, the Pro Flight Multi Panel brings detailed levels of control and customization to the fingertips of flight simulator enthusiasts.  Featuring a full autopilot panel with associated setting controls for auto throttle, flaps and elevator trim wheel, the Panel is capable of displaying real-time game data when used with compatible software

Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel: Featuring a unique selection of LED’s andSwitches, the Pro Flight Radio Panel is used to control various aspects of communication and radio control featured in flight simulation software.  When used with Microsoft Flight Simulator X the Radio Panel eliminates the need for on-screen radio display.  To deliver a fully accurate control replica of all aircraft, the Procedure Trainer Cockpit includes two individual Pro Flight Radio Panels.

Saitek Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel: Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X the Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel provides users with clear and authentic information during flight.  Supplied with over 50 individual ‘command tiles’ which display a wide variety of in flight commands and information, users can customize their Information Panel to display flight information relevant to their aircraft or personal preference.   In addition, users can assign a choice of three colors to each of the 24 segments, allowing different command tiles to light up with different colors during flight.

Saitek Pro Flight Throttle, Pitch and Mixture System: Fully compatible with all major flight simulation titles and pre-existing flight simulation set ups, the Pro Flight Throttle, Pitch and Mixture System replicates the control surface found in light aircraft, such as the Cessna®, Piper® and Mooney Bravo®.  Three durable aluminium rods allow users to accurately alter throttle, pitch and fuel mixture levels and an additional 9 fully programmable toggle switches provide a host of user defined controls during flight.

In addition, the Procedure Trainer Cockpit comes complete with a TRITTON™ AX51 Pro Gaming Headset.  When used in conjunction with the analog 5.1 audio connections from a PC (Separate 5.1 compatible PC soundcard required) the AX 51 Pro delivers true 5.1 surround sound via eight speakers (4 in each ear), which are capable of creating an accurate 5.1 sound field, ideal for bringing detailed in game flight audio to life.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to purchase a complete Procedure Training Cockpit for themselves, and Mad Catz representatives will be available during the summit to process orders.

Mad Catz will also be offering visitors the opportunity to purchase a selection of their best selling Saitek Pro Flight products and attendees are encouraged to visit the Mad Catz booth early in order to avoid disappointment. 

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