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Macrovision wins injunction against DVD copying tool creator

A federal court in New York has granted copy protection technology firm Macrovision a preliminary injunction against 321 Studios, preventing the company from selling its DVD copying software on the market.

321 Studios manufactures a range of copy protection breaking software, including the DVD X Copy family of products and, more relevantly, the Games X Copy tool for duplicating protected videogame discs.

Although Games X Copy is not covered by this ruling - which specifically applies to the DVD utilities - if Macrovision's court case is successful, it seems likely that it will also pursue 321 over its games product.

Macrovision claims that 321's DVD products not only infringe the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a particularly draconian and unpopular piece of legislation which many groups claim infringes personal fair use rights, but also that the company's software violates Macrovision's patents.

"Macrovision is committed to protecting copyrighted content from illegal piracy," according to CEO Bill Krepick. "Macrovision is uniquely situated by virtue of its patent position and worldwide copy protection ecosystem. Because copy protection is our core business, the conduct of those like 321 Studios that facilitate widespread copying is unacceptable."

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