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Mabinogi Europe

Horses now available, with a Unicorn option if you're quick; new video too.

NEXON Europe is proud to announce the arrival of Horses for its Mabinogi players across Europe. This revolutionary feature will allow players the chance to ride around their Mabinogi world on horseback, making it quicker and easier to navigate the land. Plus for one week only, a limited edition Unicorn will be on offer for users that want to look their best and show-off their ride!

As part of this exciting new update, users can choose from a Thoroughbred, Shire or Haflinger breed of horse. Each will offer unique benefits to players and enhance their battle capabilities.

In addition to the new horses feature, Mabinogi also looks forward to the arrival of the Unicorn. This item will only be available for a limited period only, and users can enjoy this special offer from 23 June to 30 June only. Both Horse and Unicorn breeds will be available to users in the cash shop as part of the first mount offered to Mabinogi Europe players.

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Horses video:

About Mabinogi

Mabinogi’s traditional mouse and keyboard functions unite with its distinctive combat, and anthology of game-play styles, that should excite the most hardcore gamers. Players will also quickly discover Mabinogi requires more finesse and strategy during combat than just pushing a few buttons and haphazardly attacking everything in sight. The unique fighting system adds another degree of complexity to the game. Characters develop skills in three categories - Life, Combat and Magic - so users can not only gain experience by fighting a giant spider but also by cooking dinner and learning a new spell. Players acquire Ability Points as they gain experience in the game to help show progression. This gives players more freedom to play Mabinogi however they choose.

About NEXON Europe

Established in March 2007, NEXON Europe is the European publishing arm of NEXON and has brought the worldwide hit casual MMORPG “MapleStory” to Europe in May 2007 and the successful First-Person-Shooter “Combat Arms” in January 2009.

With the recent launch of 3D Fantasy MMORPG “Mabinogi”, NEXON Europe has aggravated the position of a promising publisher in Europe. Fantage is the latest addition to the ever growing portfolio, and offers a safe virtual playground environment for children.

For more information on NEXON Europe and its games, please visit the official website at and our blog

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