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Mabinogi Europe

Getting Christmassy with trees to decorate, snowmen to build and gifts on offer from Santa's Little Helpers.

From today, Nexon, the premier free-to-play MMORPG publisher, are bringing a whole host of Christmas-related events to everyone’s favorite online game, and are aiming to provide a way to pass those long hours during the coming cold winter days. Even Santa himself would be jealous of all this festive fun that Nexon are granting players during the holiday season!

Merry Christmas for Mabinogi players!

Up until the 31 st December, players can decorate their own Christmas tree in the town square of the beautiful city of Emain Macha, and build their own special Snowman in the northern region of Iria. For both of these events some crafting skills are required, but the reward for participating is definitely worth it. Players can obtain certain key words to be redeemed with the many ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ spread throughout many of the towns of Erinn. In return, players will then have access to the Candy Cane melee weapon and the Deer Antlers for a new hat.

Until the 26 th December, the GM’s of Nexon will be operating as Santa’s Little Helpers! Every gamer is encouraged to send their Christmas lists via the in-game mailing system and all will be accordingly rewarded with the things that they desire. Of course, not every wish can be answered, but if the player behaved well throughout the year and their wish is feasible, the GM’s will take care of everything. For a start everyone gets a white sheep for absolutely free! For all those looking for the animal card of the white sheep, here is your chance! Every player logging into the game on the 18 th December will get this gift within a few days, no strings attached.

Besides all these in-game goodies, Nexon have of course also updated the shop with plenty of wonderful Christmas items. Until the 29 th December players can obtain the limited-edition Christmas Character Card and the rare Rein Deer as a mount – fancy sleigh included! And as a little token of gratitude, Nexon will reduce all prices on top selling items from the shop throughout the entire Christmas season. So don’t miss out on checking the store between the 22 nd and 29 th December for getting all these festive discounts on the most player desired items of this year.

On top of all that, Nexon will host a very rare event from the 24 th to 29 th December: Gamers will get double EXP, double item drop rates plus double AP and skill training points! The game is ready for Christmas! Are you, too?

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In Mabinogi, players can be anything they wish and achieve everything that they have ever dreamed of. An epic and fascinating adventure awaits them in the world of Mabinogi, a world brimming with fantasy and unlimited possibilities. To play for free visit and start your own Fantasy Life right away!

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