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Celtic-themed MMORPG gets a June update.

Nexon America has announced that it has released an update to its Celtic-inspired MMORPG, Mabinogi. The content update adds new item sets, improvements to magic wands, cooking contests and giant dice.

The update, which is now live and available for players in North America, features the Emain Macha Cooking Contest where players can pit their cooking skills against each other. The cooking contest is a month long event with qualifying rounds held from the first Saturday of the month to the second-to-last Saturday of each month. The last Saturday of the month is where finalists square off in the final rounds. Winners are picked by several judges who have different tastes, giving different perspectives on how well the meal is prepared. Winners of the cooking contests may receive a unique title as well as a new chef’s uniform.

Also added to Mabinogi is the ability for wizards to chain cast with improvements to wands with a spirit. Once a wand spirit has reached a certain social level, extra charges will be added to the charge pool. For example, a Spirit Ice Wand with a social level of six will produce one extra charge on the ice bolt. This allows magic practitioners to quickly accumulate charges of magic while in battle. The higher social level of a players spirit wand, the more charges players will get on a single cast.

A new feature now included in Mabinogi with the content update are giant dice. The giant dice are now available in general shops in the land of Erinn, and can be use to settle item disputes, for players to build their own life-sized board games or simply for having fun plopping down the giant cubes.

Also added in this update is a new sets of items that, combined with the pieces of a player’s favorite armor, will result in a passive bonus being added their character. For example, equipping a full Dustin Armor set will provide added resistance to explosive effects. A Bone Marlin set will provide you with extra resistance against petrification.

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