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4th of July and Capture the Flag events scheduled.

Patriotic players can celebrate America’s birthday in their fantasy life with Mabinogi’s 4th of July Fireworks Event or enjoy staying out of the summer heat with the game’s Ice Capture the Flag Event. After cooling off, players can go hunting for awesome loot in the Premium Treasure Chest Event.

The Independence Day Event begins today and runs to July 6, with Ice Capture the Flag following from July 7-20 and the Premium Treasure Event running from July 21 to August 3.

Players can purchase fireworks from in-game general shops and read special messages when the fireworks are launched into the sky. Fireworks which fire off over a set height will reward players with a prize containing valuable in-game items.

Once players have enjoyed the light show, they’ll cool off with a new version of Capture the Flag. Players join red and blue teams and attempt to steal the other team’s stash of watermelons. Each player in the game gets a special weapon that allows them to freeze a member of the opposite team in place for five seconds, dropping any watermelons they are carrying. If a member of the same team tags someone on their team who is frozen, that player will become unfrozen.

After playing with fire and ice, players can go searching for loot in the Premium Treasure Chest Event. Treasure boxes will drop from monsters all over Erinn. If players can find keys, they’ll be able to open the treasure chests.

Mabinogi offers players a true, fantasy life RPG experience with a multitude of gaming experiences including cooking, farming, fishing, flying, river-rafting and music making. It also offers gamers an intense, battle experience with a highly-regarded tactical system. Players can always get a glimpse of the fantasy life on YouTube or join others in sharing in the fantasy life at Facebook.


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