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Character and movie editor info.

Worms/Bracknell/Baltimore, 29th January 2010

Kalypso Media has revealed two new gameplay elements of the upcoming PC game M.U.D. TV which sees you take on the crazy world of TV production as you become a top exec at your very own TV station! The character editor and the movie editor both play a big part in how you staff your TV station. You can create your office team, writers and most importantly your actors!

Character editor

So you fancy yourself as a bit of a movie star do you? Well the M.U.D. TV character editor is your way into the spot light!

The M.U.D. TV character editor allows you to, well, create your own characters! Design your own in game characters by changing their features, hair and clothes then give them suitable attributes to give them real personality. Choose from creativity, intelligence, ego, attractiveness, humour and seriousness but remember that each attribute will either help or hinder your character depending on the task at hand. Finally choose a name which best describes your newly created persona, save them and they are ready to go into the game!

You can make characters to look like your friends or even your favourite movie and TV stars and each one can be saved into a separate file so you can share them with other players and make a guest appearance in their latest shows!

Film editor

The film editor gives you the chance to recreate your favourite shows, series and movies or if you are feeling inspired you can even make brand new ones.

Choose between series, shows and movie categories and then pick a genre for your program from 8 sub-categories including action movie, drama series, quiz shows, crime movies and cooking shows. Decide on the quality of your show between 1 and 6 stars and give it a catchy title to attract the viewers! The film editor also allows you to import characters from the character editor and make them the protagonists in your film or shows. Random characters will be cast in the roles if you don’t have a suitable actor available.

As with the character editor, you can save your shows and films to separate files and share them with your friends and air them on their TV stations.

To get you ready for M.U.D. TV, Kalypso Media will be releasing the editor tools before launch so you can create your own characters, movies and shows ready to import into the game or share with friends.

To see how the editors are shaping up take a look at the new screenshots on the official website at

Its Mad! Its Ugly! Its Dirty! Its M.U.D. TV!

M.U.D. TV is currently under development by Kalypso Media’s own studio Realmforge and will be available on PC in March 2010


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