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M&Ms Adventure

Chocolately tie-in developed by Nikitova and out now in the States.

Chicago, USA, December 10th, 2008

Nikitova Games is happy to inform you that M&Ms Adventure game, on Nintendo Wii and DS formats, was released into the US market by Zoo Digital on 3rd December 2008. It is the third game to be released in the last 12 months by Nikitova team that is based in Kiev, Ukraine.

M&Ms Adventure has a story based around the popular M&Ms Candy characters that feature prominently in M&Ms commercials the world over. The game is set on Christmas Eve in the M&Ms factory where the factory managers Red, Yellow and Ms Green, three of the well known M&Ms characters, are just about to go home for their Xmas holidays when disaster strikes. Due to a faulty new alarm system installed by Red (the security manager) the Candy Collection machine has gone AWOL and as a result of this a whole load of candies have been scattered to all four corners of the factory. It is the players job to help Red, Yellow and Ms Green to work together as a team and battle with the factory guardians such as Cupid, Uncle Sam and the Easter Bunny in an effort to collect up all the Candies before Santa comes to town.

This classic 3D action adventure platform game features 6 huge, entertaining and colourful levels depicting the various themes of special seasonal M&Ms packets including Valentines Day, Easter, 4th July, Halloween and Christmas that are used to decorate the factory. Gameplay is simple and intuitive and based around exploring, running, jumping and collecting, with loads of in game pickups and features like exploding boxes, floating rafts and 11 different kinds of enemy robots guarding the factory. Each of the characters has a special ability, Red can fly, Ms Green is a tennis ace and Yellow can jump extra high and all of these abilities are needed in order to collect up all of the missing candies and win the game. M&Ms Adventure also features a number of cut scenes which tell the story, many upbeat, original tunes and specially recorded speech from the original M&Ms Cast.

M&Ms Adventure is aimed specifically at the under 15’s market and will be a good Christmas present for the kids.

We would also like to inform you that PS2 version of the game will be out in early 2009.

About Nikitova Games

Nikitova Games is the full game development arm of Nikitova and specializes in game development for Nintendo Wii and DS consoles and, to a lesser extent, Sony Play Station 2 and PC. Nikitova Games is also an authorized developer for Xbox and the Unreal 3 Engine. From previous project experience, Nikitova Games' Art and Development team is well known by EA, SOE, Midway, Disney, Kuju Entertainment, Cryptic Studios and many other publishers


Tatiana Makarova

VP of Marketing, Nikitova LLC

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