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Character design contest winners announced.

TORONTO, ON February 11, 2011—Mission Against Terror (M.A.T.) cares about the input and creativity of the people that comprise its ever-growing community. Not only does it incorporate their suggestions into the game, it also turns to them for their creative input, as it did with its "Character Creation Contest." Launched late last year, the contest asked members of the M.A.T. community to submit new character designs for the game. Roughly six months, and hundreds of submissions later, the judges have finally selected three lucky people who will have their work incorporated into a future update of everyone's free-to-play online shooter.

The winners are:

#1 - Nite (His character: Monochrome Representation)

#2 - psyduck (His character: Ahiru Gear)

#3 - richardphat (His character: Navy)

"Listening to what our community says is our top priority," said Sam Ho, Director, Wicked Interactive, publisher of M.A.T. "With this contest, we take the commitment to the next level. Overall, this has been a wonderful competition. We once again thank our community for answering the call -- congratulations to our talented winners and to everyone who participated. Excellent work!"

First-place winner Nite on his influences: "My influences are friends who support my drawing style, my sister whom I was competing against, as well as the people who take their time and dedication to help others.

Second-play winner psyduck on the person who inspired him: "My online friend...a girl from Indonesia whom I call Nez....she's the leader of the clan in a game I used to play...she's a 22 year old manga artist from who I get advices and stuff."

Third-place winner richardphat on how long it took to design his character:

"I just kept working on it whenever I have the time. If I were to give you an estimation, it should be around 15 hours of total work. It is justified by  works that have been scrapped and started over again and some failure attempt.


Think we're exaggerating about how good the submissions were? Here is the awesome winning character designs:

Set in a near-future not so different from our own time, M.A.T. pits teams against one another in a bitter battle for the survival of the human race. Unanimously hailed for its solid gameplay and wide variety of game modes, M.A.T. has taken North America by storm, after becoming quite popular in Asia and other parts of the world.

For more information on Mission Against Terror, visit the M.A.T. site:

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