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Luxtoberfest: 2 weeks of prizes!

October 19, 2004 -- Sillysoft Games is happy to announce the immediate start of Luxtoberfest, a promotion for their multiplayer strategy game Lux running through the last 2 weeks of October. 11 different software prizes will be awarded in 4 different categories. All registered users of Lux are eligible for entry.

The prize ceremony will take place on November 1st at 9 PM Eastern time (6 PM Pacific) in an Internet Public game of Lux hosted by Sillysoft founder Dustin Sacks.

The Awards

Luxtoberfest High Ranked Players

To be awarded to the 3 players at the top of the rankings when the contest ends. The ranking ladder was just reset, so it's wide open. Everybody has a chance to win.

Most Sportsmanlike Players

Awarded to 3 players who play with grace and display a sportsmanlike conduct. This will be based on a vote in the Lux forums.

Outstanding Plugin Design

Awarded to 3 plugin creators who submit fun and creative maps, computer AIs, or map generators during the 2 week contest period.

Most Strategic Players (aka Lifetime Achievement)

Awarded to 3 players who have most consistently ranked well over the past 16 weeks of play.

The Prizes

Betty's Beer Bar

An innovative simulation game where you must help the sexy Betty leave her workplace and buy her own island in the caribbean! Available for Mac OS X and Windows.



A fast and fun alien-blasting game. Available for Mac OS X and Windows.


Amju Super Golf

A cute and cool 3D golf-puzzle-action game. Available for Mac OS X and Windows.


Alien Flux

Defend the cutest, fluffiest little creatures in the Galaxy from a horde of evil aliens in this arcade style shoot-em-up game. Available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.



A great general purpose text editor for Mac OS X.



The premier iPod song transfer utility for Mac OS X.



A great Mac OS X alarm clock that integrates with all of your iTunes playlists.


Spin Crisis

Master gravity and move the walls themselves in this crazy marble maze game! Available for Mac OS X only.


Trials of Werlin

A game of wizardry that mixes arcade-style action with mind-boggling puzzles! Available for Windows only.


Jr. Doctor

A kids game where you travel through a fairy tale hospital and cure all the sick fairy-tale characters. Available for Windows 2000 and XP only.



The game you know and love. The perfect gift for a strategic friend. Available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.


Winners will get to request their choice of prize. Some are available in quantities greater than 1. The final prize distribution shall be handled by Sillysoft. Many thanks to all of the Luxtoberfest sponsors. All of the prizes have free demos available, so check them out.

Lux version 4.3 update

On the same day that Luxtoberfest starts, Sillysoft Games also released version 4.3 of Lux. This update adds the ability to mute computer AIs, a beta version of a map editor, and lots more. It can be downloaded from:


About Lux

Lux is a multiplayer strategy game available for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux. It has over 50 user created plugins (mostly maps), easy access internet-wide network play with a rankings ladder, and an active user community backing it up. More information can be found at:


All of this information about Luxtoberfest can be found on the web at:


Luxtoberfest can be discussed in the Lux user forums at:




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