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Lux 5.2 and updated AI developer kit

Lux 5.2 is now available for your world domination pleasure. This is a free update for all registered users and you can download it here:

This update comes jam-packed with improvements. There are some graphical enhancements and new visual effects. More network commands were added, translation of network messages was improved, and autohosting was given a booster shot. Plus a lot of other stuff was included (i.e. option+control click places 50 armies). A full list of the 5.2 changes can be seen here:


A new version of the AI software developer kit is also now available. This SDK contains everything you need to write an AI for Lux using the Java programming language. This updated version includes an improved API allowing AIs to get more information about the board, and better send/receive chat messages. Updated example code is also provided. The SDK can be downloaded from here:


Dustin Sacks


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