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Lunar Pack

Two indie platform games - Lunnye Devitsy and Wake - in one bundle.

March 9, 2010

The Lunar Pack is BossBaddie's first major release. It features 2 full length platform games, Lunnye Devitsy and Wake available now on the PC platform.

Lunnye Devitsy is an open, non-linear platform adventure game where a damsel falls from the moon and must return home. The world map is expansive and covers caves, mines, towers, mountains, lakes and forests that contain hidden secrets. 7 exits are hidden amongst the planet which feature all kind of abstract, puzzle and collection based routes. Wake is the story of a trapped engineer. He wakes up in the engine room of a sinking ship and has to make his way to the surface above where rescue awaits. Along his way he'll find items including a radio that receives messages from another nearby survivor, a torch to see in the dark during power-cuts, keys to open locked doors and a fire axe to smash through obstacles.

Once the player escapes their score is tallied up and can be submitted to an online leaderboard, which displays either the Top 100 scores or the most recent scores. Wake's difficulty has been tailored to support both casual and hardcore players. Every player has the chance of getting a highscore by taking their time collecting all they can or by working out precise speedruns to keep well ahead of the rising waters.

These 2 games were bundled together because of their similar themes of exploration and a drive to get the character home. The third Lunar game (Tormishire) is still in development and is expected to see a 2011 release, though smaller projects are planned for release before then.

About BossBaddie

BossBaddie is an independent game development studio fronted by both Alex Sumesar-Rai and James Whitehead formed in 2008. Both developers have freeware  backgrounds and went commercial with their upcoming game Tormishire.

All our current games and projects use the Tormishire engine which supports online leaderboards, achievements, full Xbox 360 controller support and shader graphics.

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