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Luna Online

Rise of Spirit expansion adds maps and jobs.

Singapore LUNA Online announces new expansion, Rise of Spirit. A 3rd Job change has open up and players have a choice of 12 different jobs to select. Other than that, 4 new maps are up for characters of higher level to explore.

During the launch of expansion, all players will get a chance to get a free skill reset, providing players an opportunity to rebuild their character.

LUNA Online is an MMORPG with many social interactive functions such as Match-Making, farms, couple instances and many more for players to explore.

To further provide a better gaming experience for players from around the world, LUNA Online will be upgrading their internet connection in May 2009. Players will be able to roam the Blueland with low latency and higher performance.

Official English Website: http://luna.runup.com.sg

LUNA Online Team


LUNA Online

Luna online is a MMORPG where Elfs and Humans must bond together to fight the evil that invades their Blue land. Game characters are super cute style, with very manga-like (cartoon-like) facial expression. The game also provides the unique “Friendship system” and “Family system”, and it has a very convenient trading, dating, family and community system for everyone. You can also build up your farm, plant, business, train and feed your own lovely mounts and pets.

Official Site: http://luna.runup.com.sg

Run Up Game

Run Up Game had been aggressively bringing new MMOG to the Asia region and never compromise with service quality.

Run Up Game sets a vision to be Asia’s largest game publisher by releasing 5 games in 2008 and will be bring in more games in 2009.

Service quality and gaming experience is what Run Up Game aim to achieve in the future.

Official Site: http://www.runup.com.sg

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