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Luna Online

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Story Background

The Beginning

In the midst of the empty, vast, lifeless land, a goddess was born in this world. Experiencing billions years of wandering, goddess created various races and living beings.

Never Ending Demonic War

Damages, massacres, even the children of your own cannot be trusted. Your parents are also not trustworthy. The demons use violence to solve their problem, which includes their families, lovers and racial arguments. Only power means everything, and only power can rule the world.

Born of the Elves

As the dominator, dragons, fall apart, the world is under the violence massacre by the demon race. Unbearable to such situation, goddess created a stronger race for battle. The elves were born, and their birth of the elves is about to change the world.

Blue Land

Under the threat of the demon race, the brave elves forge alliance with various other races to prevent their homeland from being destroyed. The elves’ were forced to their last fight. Under the ferocious battle, a loud sad roar could be heard from the vast land. The world was separated with the load sad roar. From then on, people often hear the sad roar coming out from the cloud. Through this sad story, the people now call this place, Blue Land.



Are they as kind hearted as an angel or as evil as a demon?

They can be as good as an angel or as evil as a demon. Human is a race created closest to the god’s race. Usually, different races are born with different powers. Even when human’s stamina and strength is not as powerful as other races, agility and spells is not as high as the elves, but occasionally, Humans can learn spells from other races.


A race that enjoys being in the nature. The elves love the forest and they are born and natured in such environment. The warm hearted elves were caught in a vigorous battle against races who cannot understand the importance of nature.



Specialize in close range battle. Uses skills which require weapon. Only hybrid is able to use spells.

Stages of Evolution:

Evolution 1: Fighter (Human/Elves)

Evolution 2: Guard/Warrior (Human/Elves)

Evolution 3: Infantry/Swordsman(Human/Elves)/Mercenary(Human)

Evolution 4: Phalanx/Knight(Human/Elves)/Gladiator(Human)/Rune Knight(Elves)

Evolution 5: Panzer/Paladin(Human/Elves)/ Crusader(Human)/Destroyer(Human)/ Swordmaster(Elves)/ Magnus(Elves)

Evolution 6: Lordn(Human/Elves)/ Death Knight(Human)/ Arch Templar(Elves)


A job which uses spell. Categorize as healer, elementalist and Spiritualist.

Stages of Evolution:

Evolution 1: Mage (Human/Elves)

Evolution 2: Cleric/Wizard (Human/Elves)

Evolution 3: Priest/Sorcerer(Human/Elves)/Monk(Human)

Evolution 4: Bishop/Warlock(Human/Elves)/Inquirer(Human)/Elemental Master(Elves)

Evolution 5: Cardinal/Soul Arbiter(Human/Elves)/ Grandmaster(Human/Elves)/ Necromancer(Human)

Evolution 6: Saint(Human/Elves)/Dark Archon(Human)/ Arch Celebrant(Elves)


Categorize as close combat assassin, or ranged archer.

Stages of Evolution:

Evolution 1: Rogue (Human/Elves)

Evolution 2: Voyager/Ruffian (Human/Elves)

Evolution 3: Archer(Human/Elves)/Thief(Human)/Scout(Elves)

Evolution 4: Ranger(Human/Elves)/Treasure Hunter(Human/Elves)/Assassin(Human)/Rune Walker(Elves)

Evolution 5: Sniper(Human/Elves)/Entrapper(Human/Elves)/ Blade Taker(Human)/Temp Master(Elves) Evolution 6: Soul Eye(Human/Elves)/Blood Stalker(Human)/ Arch Breezer(Elves)

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