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Luminous Arc 2

With the game in US shops now, here are details of the Engagement system.

November 20, 2008

Luminous Arc 2 is now available in stores across North America! This epic strategy RPG is loaded to the brim with content, including a wealth of new characters (and the return of a few favorites), beautiful hand drawn graphics, a stunning score from famed composer Yasunori Mitsuda‘s Procyon Studio, local and online multiplayer support, multiple endings, a redesigned user interface, and tons of other new features. More engaging, more challenging, more attractive, and more satisfying, Luminous Arc 2 is the definitive strategy RPG for Nintendo DS owners this holiday season.

New to Luminous Arc 2 is the innovative Engagement System, one of the most jarring changes series veterans will see in the game. (It’s hard not to notice pictures of the Witches in their wedding outfits when Roland chooses to Engage with them.) The system is unique in that it offers Roland a variety of strategic possibilities so long as he keeps the Witches alive. Since the player will gain access to all the skills that a Witch has as well as stat boosts that vary per Witch for three turns, there are a lot of strategies one can build just focusing on Roland’s Engagement.

In addition, the player will also have to decide who to include for a balanced party. Do they decide to field a party of all Witches? Or do they rely on some of the non-magic using members of the party to dish out some damage? It will be interesting to see which strategies end up proving superior in the myriads of online battles that are soon to come...

Don’t forget: every copy of Luminous Arc 2 is bundled with a soundtrack CD featuring selected music from the game in a special oversized box, a rarity for Nintendo DS titles. Snag a copy, battle online, and show other players around the country who the master strategist is!

For more information on Luminous Arc 2, please visit the official website.

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