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Luminous Arc 2

Online Battle Royale to be staged in February.

November 26, 2008

Let the great tournament begin! This January, Atlus will randomly choose 48 interested entrants from its Atlus Faithful to participate in Luminous Arc 2 Battle Royale, a tournament of strategy RPG champions. In order to enter, prospective battlers must own a copy of Luminous Arc 2 (or go out and buy one), must sign up as a member of the Atlus Faithful by January 1, 2009, and then be among the 48 chosen few who will fight it out online to see who deserves the title of Best Luminous Arc 2 Tactician*.

All 48 selected participants will receive an extremely rare Luminous Arc business card holder, the business card holder of choice for those looking to impress and/or confuse their friends and family. The Grand Champion will receive their choice of: a SIGNED copy of the Luminous Arc 2 art book, a select title from the Atlus archives or a large Luminous Arc 2 promotional poster. Second place will get to choose from first place’s leftovers, and third place gets whatever second place passed on. These prizes will be in addition to the business card holder.

If you’re looking to sign up, here’s what you do:

1) Sign up for the Atlus Faithful newsletter before January 1. (It’s like Kaph’s B-Witched Faithful newsletter, but with far less stalking of Witches.)

2) Register for a forum account at (This is where all the reporting of wins/losses will be done. The full rules will also be posted here.)

3) Answer the survey that arrives in your email later asking if you want to be in the tournament, and hope that you’re one of the lucky 48!

Tournament brackets will be managed on the Atlus Forums, and victories and defeats will be monitored via an honor system, so if you plan on losing and then lying about it, this is not your competition. There aren’t many online tournaments for Nintendo DS games, so don’t miss out... If you’re interested in participating, be sure to join the Atlus Faithful before January 1!

Don’t have a copy of Luminous Arc 2? No problem! Luminous Arc 2 is now available in stores across North America! Each and every copy of the game is bundled with a soundtrack CD featuring selected music from the game in a special oversized box, a rarity for Nintendo DS titles.

*In North America.

Official tournament thread in the Atlus Forums:

For more information on Luminous Arc 2, please visit the official website:

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