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Luminous Arc 2

A guide to the game's supporting characters.

October 28, 2008

You’ve met the heroes, you’ve met the villains. Now, meet the rest of the characters that flesh out the world of Luminous Arc 2. More than just comic relief and story filler, these unique cast members offer a variety of different motivations that enrich and deepen the narrative. Learn a little bit more about each of them below:

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Althea is a girl who is training under the Brilliant Witch, Dia, in order to become a Witch. She meets Roland when she goes to hand deliver a document to Queen Sophia, as ordered by Dia.


The Tide Witch is as ever changing as the ebb and flow of the sea. One moment she is serious, and the next she’s completely laid back. She loves water and teaching runeolingustics in almost equal amounts. If her friends are down, she’ll try and cheer them up by offering them good water.


Pip is an earnest, sincere kid who is training to become a Wizard. He’s timid in front of his sister, Pop, who has unfortunately taken advantage of Pip’s reserved nature and forces Pip to do all the cooking and cleaning in the house. Even though he’s young, Pip’s always trying to make a good impression on the fairer sex, and will do whatever it takes to make them comfortable.P


Pop is the center of her own universe. She’s so self-centered, that even when she’s trying to show her affection for someone she appreciates, like her brother Pip, she does it in a way that revolves back around to her. Pop loves crap, and oddly, she’s very attached to rules and order… So long as they’re something she approves of. She really believes in holding true to the rules of the Magic Association, therefore, Pop won’t often use her magic. She looks like an elementary school girl, but Nature magic gives her tremendous physical power.


Sadie is part of a race known as the Winged Ones, demi-humans who have a natural affinity for magic and longer lifespans than humans. Due to her obvious wings, she’s often ostracized and shunned by humans, and as a result, she’s taken up residence in the Ice Hermitage to be away from humanity. No one knows how old she is, but she is definitely older than she looks.


Richter is a master of battle, and has never been defeated in combat. His prowess makes him feel a bit empty, as he has no peers, and he’s always searching for a worthy challenger who can inspire him. He is the most distinguished warrior to date, and is actively hunting out and eradicating Fiends. When he’s not leading the Talon Squad, he’s busy being extraordinarily popular with the ladies.


Steiner is Rina’s older brother and was previously good friends with Roland and Rasche. He became the young leader of one of the three royal Knight Squads, the Stinger Squad. He studied hard and honed his skills as a young man, and his genius was acknowledged when he was placed in charge of the research and development of the Runic Engine. Unfortunately, recent events surrounding the Runic Engine lead to a rift between Steiner and his former friends.


Gaston is the leader of the “Crimson Tusk Squad”, the largest and most beloved squad among the Queen’s Knight Squads. The Tusk Squad is charged with defending the kingdom, so the people are the most familiar with them. He is a capable warrior who carries around a massive axe which would normally take a few people to even lift. He is very loyal to the queen and is trusted by everyone. He is good friends and rivals with Steven, the father of Roland and Rasche.


One of Queen Sophia’s cabinet members. Wendell is the head of the kingdom’s Lapis Arts research, finding new and interesting ways to use the power of the Lapis Seesd to make life better for ordinary people. He may seem a little strange and irritable at being called out of his lab to attend meetings, but in his heart he’s always looking for more uses to harness the power the Lapis Seeds.


One of Queen Sophia’s cabinet members. Grimm is the Queen’s chief advisor and everyone knows that he makes a lot of important decisions around the capital, but nobody can really recall any of them. He used to be a soldier in his younger days, and now in his old age he’s beginning to realize how much he enjoyed the wild nights of staying behind a desk at his current office.


One of Queen Sophia’s cabinet members. Breuner is the chief financial officer for the Kingdom of Carnava. The recent Witch Conflict and increasing the Knight Squads to defend the people from the Beast Fiends is beginning to have some strain on the royal budget, which is making Bruener edgy and nervous. Grimm always orders Breuner to be the planner for the royal parties and festivals, thinking that this will let Breuner relax a bit, but it seems to be having the opposite effect.

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Luminous Arc 2 is scheduled for release on November 18.

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