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Luminous Arc 2

A glowing write-up of the game's characters.

September 24, 2008

Sixteen years ago a strange species of animal appeared in the Kingdom of Carnava. Beast Fiends, as they’re known, were monstrous creatures, attacking settlements and causing death and destruction in their wake. Master Mattias, leader of the Magic Association, a group that ensured the kingdom’s magic was never used for evil, took it upon himself to save the world from the threat of the Beast Fiends. The ensuing battle shook the ground for hundreds of miles around, and when the dust settled, the Beast Fiends had been stopped… but Mattias was dead.

Since Mattias’ death the Beast Fiends have slowly begun to reappear. Additionally, the rogue Shadow Frost Witch, Fatima, threatens to tip the balance of power in her favor by waging a private war against the Magic Association known as the Witch Conflict. When a young Knight named Roland is imbued with the power of magic through an accident at the kingdom’s Magic Technology labs, he is thrust into conflict with the Beast Fiends and the Witch Fatima as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.


Roland aspires to be a Knight along with his older brother, Rasche. He trains with his strict father, Steven, a former Knight Squad leader. He is thrust into the Witch Conflict because of an incident which makes the “Runic Engine” fuse with his hand.


Rasche is a lancer who trains daily under the tutelage of his strict father, Steven, a former Knight Squad leader. He’s cynical and shoots his mouth off a lot, and doesn’t sweat the small stuff.


Rina is childhood friends with Roland and Rasche, and the younger sister of Steiner. She’s an expert marksman, and is training to become a Knight alongside Roland and Rasche. She’s reserved and began doubting herself in all aspects of life after her parents died in a fire, but she is actually quite competent.


Sophia is the ruler of the Kingdom of Carnava. The combined burden of the Witch Conflict and the destruction wrought upon her Kingdom by the Fiends wears greatly on her. Once Roland fuses with the Runic Engine, she dubs him a Rune Knight and sends him off to the Brilliant Witch, Dia, in order to end the Witch Conflict.


The Brilliant Witch, Dia, is the interim leader of the “Rev Magic Association.” The title, “Brilliant Witch,” was intended to denote both her mastery of light magic, and the fact that she is very satisfied with herself. She tends to contradict herself, and leaps into bad courses of action without thinking. She does this with conviction and secretly hopes that nobody notices all her missteps. She’s concerned about the state of the world, which is why she dispatches Althea with a document to ask for the Queen’s assistance at the beginning of the game. Dia also loves sweets.

As part of the special holiday “Atlus Spoils” program, Luminous Arc 2 is brimming with premium extras. Each and every copy will include a free soundtrack CD featuring select music from the game produced by Yasunori Mitsuda‘s Procyon Studio. Fans that pre-order the game will also receive a limited edition 60-page, 7”x10” full-color art book, Luminous Art, which offers content from both Luminous Arc games.

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Luminous Arc 2 is scheduled for release on November 18.

For more information on Luminous Arc 2, please visit the official website.

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