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LucidLAN becomes the first reseller for the Bojo Game!

The Bojo Game – Home Edition, a casino card game with no risk of losing anything but your time get its first reseller.

After The Bojo Group, has announced that it started selling as a download its first animated casual computer card game and casino simulation program - The Bojo Game - Home Edition, LucidLAN.com has been announced as the first reselling point for the game.

The Bojo Game - Home Edition is very easy-to-learn and easier-to-play. It creates a virtual on-line Internet casino game in progress with up to 99,999 other simulated or virtual players.

Card game enthusiasts and other interested gamers can check it out for some serious fun - a free downloadable 15-minute playable trial version and demo are available at www.bojogame.com/trial.

To directly buy the game one can either click on either one of the banners on the main page of www.lucidlan.com or directly from www.bojogame.com

For more information or if you want to be a Bojo Game reseller please visit www.bojogame.com

About the game

The Bojo Game - Home Edition, is a casino card game with no risk of losing anything but your time.

The Bojo Game takes the card gamers to another perspective with its concept. The Bojo Game is not just another poker or Blackjack or Baccarat the game is a mix of 4 types of bets and play. This of course made a hit from on the card gamers, but even casual gamers are attracted to this concept for the fact that it's not just a game where you need to learn a lot of rule and consuming time on how to use it the game is very easy and has many hours of enjoyment.

The 4 types of bets that can be made in each of the 5 rounds of play in 1 game are explained below.

The Poker Line

It's not necessary that the player bets on a poker hand. The player can just not make any bets on the poker line at all. If the player wants to play poker, however, he MUST make his 1st bet on the poker line on the 1st stack! It is recommended that the player starts by clicking on 1 pair. It is always best to bet on the first draw on the 1 pair.

The Color Line

It's quite simple, the player can bet whether the card will come up red or black on the color line.

The Suit Line

Bet that the card you chose will be 1 of four suits by clicking on a club, a heart, a spade or a diamond in the suit line.

The Face Value Line

Bet that the card you chose will have a face value of between the Ace (1) and (13). King Make as many bets as you wish on this face value line, or do not make any bets at all. There is no limit to the number of bets you can make, but watch out what happens to your opening credits.

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