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Rotating circle/tile telephonic puzzler.

baby-soft has released its new mobile game called “lubaja”.

The player has to fill in missing tiles into a rotating circle at the right spots. lubaja comes with 300 levels in three different modes, each having a different challenge.

Game mode “Match It” is a logical puzzle where the player has to fill in missing tiles to finish the given pattern. “Clear It” is a variation of the known game concept where groups of three or more has to be arranged. In lubaja this has to be done in the rotating circle. In “Shoot Out” the circle has to be cleared by directing tiles onto similar tiles.

The three modes, changing tiles and the variation in required skills is keeping lubaja from getting repetitive.

For each game mode there is a RumbleX online highscore table where the player can compete with other players around the world.

More about the game can be found at

About baby-soft:

baby-soft is a software company located in Amtzell/Germany. They are developing simple and fun mobile games designed for the new wave of casual mobile phone gamers.


Jürgen Lutz

Lochacker 8

88279 Amtzell/Germany

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