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Low Carbon Learning & Communications Forum

All about raising productivity and lowering costs in these tricky times.


Join the conversation with our speakers who share their collective knowledge of practicing 'work-force productivity' in recessionary times, with reference to the leading organisations such as Cisco and IBM, who are using games, Web 2.0 and virtual worlds effectively to raise productivity and lower carbon footprint.

Speakers include: eLearning veterans Howard Hills and Clive Shepherd; Karen Keeter of IBM; Charles Jennings, Thomson-Reuters; Ajit Sivadasan, Lenovo and Craig Simmons, Best Foot Forward.

Martine Parry, Market Consultant, said: ' The demand for this discussion has been great. As organisations realise that they have to face the impact of current market conditions, the demand for the engaging and creative skills of games developers has increased. There is less money, so more competition for business. Organisations have to be more productive, more creative and less wasteful.'

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