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Lost Toys sign NV35 OEM deal for Battle Engine

Guildford-based developer Lost Toys has created an enhanced version of its critically acclaimed console mech shooter, Battle Engine Aquila, for NVIDIA's forthcoming GeForce FX 5900 (previously known as NV35) graphics cards.

The new version of the game, which features massively improved water and explosion effects as well as generally improved performance, will be made available for bundling with the NV35 through Vector OEM Content.

The game has been approved by NVIDIA, and was apparently shown at the NVIDIA booth at E3 - although we have to admit that despite having a look around for it, we couldn't find it anywhere on NVIDIA's admittedly very cluttered stand.

"We enjoy the challenge of pushing ourselves to work with the very latest technology," according to Lost Toys MD Jeremy Longley, "and are pleased with the results that we've got from the GeForce FX 5900."

Hopefully OEM deals will bring Battle Engine to a wider audience on the PC than it enjoyed on consoles, where despite positive reviews it was criminally overlooked at retail - a victim, we suspect, of the huge percentage of publisher Infogrames' marketing budget which has apparently been allocated to Enter The Matrix, leaving very little for other games in the recent catalogue.

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